Who would deny that sometimes we'd like to know more!  Opinions and suggestions about improvements, ideas, thoughts about where our

     members would like to see the club go in the future, what we can do to make your life more fun, perhaps by adding a new interest group!

    Surveys offer an opportunity to be heard, and we value your participation!

    Most surveys will be 10 questions or less, typically multiple choice, and they are anonymous.  

    You will receive an opportunity to take a survey via email, where there will be a link to the survey.

    THANK YOU!!!

    Our current poll, start date June 11, 2018, is about the Brunches we have.

    In the past, they were quarterly, but due to lack of attendance, only 2 were scheduled for 2018.  The Board would appreciate your feedback regarding these events.

    Please complete this simple 3 question poll, which should take less than one minute!

    Thanks for your time!

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